Floozy Crime Associated with Medical Marijuana

There has been a lot of controversy lately about the crime associated with marijuana dispensaries, many people chalk this crime up as related to the selling of medical marijuana. What people fail to comprehend is it’s not the marijuana causing these crimes, simply the cash in the register. Looking at other substances sold around the country, liquor stores are held up more frequently than anything else. To pretend that these same robberies don’t occur at gas stations, markets, convenience stores, ect would just be ludicrous. That’s like trying to blame ice cream for a robbery at an ice cream parlor, pretty ignorant isn’t it?

Many companies associated with bringing bad press on marijuana are the same companies responsible for thousands of deaths around the world every year. Tobacco and Alcohol corporations have been pouring out money to skew the views on marijuana to protect their products. Other large companies have jumped on board to protect their products as well, such as corporations associated with paper, plastic, fabric, building materials, oil, fuel, ect. It’s obvious these companies would fork out billions of dollars in propaganda to mislead people in order to remain in business, especially when one single weed could affect several branches of the market. The sad part is hemp is much more environmentally friendly, merely eliminating the use of plastic with hemp would reduce pollution a great deal in the world, especially the litter bugs in America that use enough plastic water bottles every year to reach the moon.

With that in mind, you might be wondering why the government has jumped on board as well. It’s really quite simple, they like the money they receive from tobacco and alcohol taxes. They are caught up in a stubborn, mis-informed generation that clearly doesn’t know what the people want. Even when handed billions of dollars in marijuana tax revenue, they look the other way, known to go as far as suffocating chimpanzees to mimic the effect of brain cell loss during marijuana testing in the 90’s. (National Geographic 2009) While many marijuana enthusiasts work day and night for something they truly believe in, it’s hard to get anywhere with old, ignorant, stubborn men asking for a pay raise down in Washington. . but in about 10 years when they’re all long gone, mostly forgotten, some remembered for their ignorance, our generation will finally be able to cash in on this wonderful plant, using it for medical and industrial purposes, not only bringing America out of debt, it will truly help our world become a greener planet.